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A Touch Of Bollywood
Indian cooking class in Hamburg - Authentic modern Indian home cooking

Das ATLAS-Team

ATLAS Showküche

Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - Bollywood-Kostüme
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - landestypische Gerichte
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - gemeinsames Essen
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - typisch indische Gewürze
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - Hände mit Hennamuster
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - Kardamom und andere Gewürze
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - indische Tänzerin
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - Dessert mit frischer Mango
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - Partystimmung nach dem Kochkurs
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - vielfältige Speisen

Welcome to a world of flavours! This is an English-language cooking class brought to you by Natasha Celmi, chef, cookbook author, and delightful host fresh from the Indian subcontinent. Join in a fun and instructive cooking event that might change your culinary worldview for ever.

Indian cooking class Hamburg

ATLAS Showküche
ca. 04:00 Stunden
12-17 lovers of Indian cuisine

Verfügbare Termine

Unsere Termingarantie: Wir sorgen gerade für neue Termine für dieses Event - sie sind in Kürze hier buchbar. Mit einem Gutschein können sie später aus allen Terminen flexibel auswählen.

Indian Cooking Class in Hamburg

  • Meet your charming host Natasha, author of "Fast Fresh Flavourful", the award-winning cookbook you should not miss if you enjoy Asian or vegetarian cuisine, or indeed any tasty, healthy, modern food!
  • In this English-language class, Natasha will introduce you to authentic home-style cooking from various parts of India.
  • Worried you might miss something? Relax - a German-speaking team member will be there to translate if necessary. But we are sure you'll have no trouble understanding the universal language of delicious food.
  • Get in the mood for Indian cooking: We are going to have some fun, put on Bollywood music and dive into the many facets of India with Natasha's rich stock of funny kitchen tales.
  • We will prepare a selection of Indian dishes the way Natasha loves to do things: simple, modern, and easy to recreate in your own kitchen.
  • You can look forward to mouthwatering starters, main courses and desserts like:
    • Tandoori cauliflower
    • Chicken Tikka Fish Curry (Goa style)
    • Pan-fried eggplant (from Bengal)
    • Garlic Naan bread
    • Yogurt raita with mint and cucumber
    • Yogurt and mango mousse with cardamom
  • Done cooking? Then sit down and enjoy what you've prepared. Tuck into a sumptuous Indian meal and have a glass of well-deserved wine or beer.
  • Developed a taste for Indian spices? Why not take home a box of ingredients? Just ask Natasha.
  • The evening's recipes will be handed out in English and German. Take them home and do them again … and again … and again!
Indian Cooking Class Hamburg - Bollywood-Kostüme

The Garden Of Earthly Delights

India is overwhelmingly rich in culinary culture. - Culture? Cultures, more like, because the mysterious subcontinent can hardly be summed up in one dinner. From the buzzing megacity of Delhi to the dreamy beaches of Goa, from Kerala to Mumbai, from Cashmere to Calcutta - India is big in every respect, and its culinary traditions are manifold. From this multitude of possibilities, we have picked a few we are sure you will love.

If there is a common trait to the many varieties of Indian cuisine - all of them worth discovering -, it is their focus on spices and aromas. If you like the taste of a particular Indian dish, you can bet it is not a product of chance, but of careful deliberation and long-standing tradition. Indian food will tickle your tastebuds and stimulate your senses. We can do without taste enhancers or bottled sauces - nature has the most delicious flavours in store. Natasha will invite you to share her intimate knowledge of Indian spices, their uses in cooking as well as their health properties.

The vibrant colours and aromas of India will stay with you and become a staple of your own cooking. Natasha will show you how to get that Indian flavour using fresh ingredients from your home region. Add some fragrant, authentic Indian spices - maybe from the spice box available in our cooking class - and enjoy the rich, exotic taste of your favourite tikha, biryani or tandoori dishes. There is so much to discover!

ATLAS Showküche

ATLAS Showküche

Die Location
Mit Verstand von uns geprüft

Die moderne und professionell ausgestattete Kochschule in Hamburg-Altona sprüht nur so vor Inspiration. Hier werden kulinarische Meisterwerke gezaubert und anschließend verspeist. Mit einem leeren Magen geht hier sicherlich niemand nach Hause.

Das ATLAS-Team

Ihr Gastgeber
Mit Herz sorgsam ausgesucht

Unser sympathisches Küchenteam möchte zusammen mit Ihnen kulinarische Genussmomente kreiern. Mit Leidenschaft, fachkundigem Wissen und Liebe zum Detail sorgen die Gourmetexperten dafür, dass auch Ihnen ein exquisites Menü gelingt und Sie mit einem Strahlen die Küche verlassen.

  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    A ticket to our Indian cooking class in Hamburg includes free soft drinks and coffee, beer and wine, and the recipes in both English and German.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    Thís Indian cooking class in Hamburg will be held in English, but a German-speaking team member will help with the translation if needed.

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Our Indian cooking class in Hamburg makes a brilliant gift for any lover of traditional Eastern or Indian cuisine, or Bollywood films!

  • Miomente-Business

    Why not do the Indian cooking class in Hamburg as a team event? Just give us a call and we can start planning.

110,00 €  120,00 €
zzgl. Versand (inkl. MwSt.)
110,00 € zzgl. Versand (inkl. MwSt.)
- 8% statt 120,00 €
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