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Fine wines of Italy and more
Wine tasting in Munich in English and Italien Treasures of Italy's deep south and more

Elisabeth Winter

Weinatelier Elisabeth

Wine tasting Munich – glass of wine by sea at sunset
Wine tasting Munich – vineyard in Sicily
Wine tasting Munich – wine glasses ready for the tasting
Wine tasting Munich – grape harvest Southern Italy
Wine tasting Munich – selection of bottles
Wine tasting Munich – young woman sampling wine
Wine tasting Munich – blonde woman sampling red wine
Wine tasting Munich – crates of grapes
Wine tasting Munich – bottle on map of Europe
Wine tasting Munich – dry stone wall in vineyard
Wine tasting Munich – red wine and blue grapes
Wine tasting Munich – wine corks forming contour of Italy
Wine tasting Munich – friends clinking glasses
Wine tasting Munich – cutting bunch of grapes
Wine tasting Munich – red wine and savoury snacks

What did Bacchus actually get drunk on? Join us for a delightful and enlightening wine tasting in Munich. Our charming wine expert, Corinna Siena, will introduce you to the fascinating wines of Southern Italy. Discover and enjoy vintage wines and rare treats from Campania, Calabria, and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. In this section we offer english wine tastings with varying themes! Raise your glasses, learn and enjoy!

Wine tasting Munich

Weinatelier Elisabeth
ca. 01:30 Stunden
8-10 enthusiasts of Italian wines

Hinweis: Wine tasting in English or Italian language

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Datum & UhrzeitPreisPersonen
Fr. 02.02.2024
18:30 - ca. 20:00
75,00 €  65,00 €
Di. 06.02.2024
18:30 - ca. 20:00
75,00 €  65,00 €
Di. 13.02.2024
18:30 - ca. 20:00
75,00 €  65,00 €
Fr. 23.02.2024
18:30 - ca. 20:00
75,00 €  65,00 €
Di. 27.02.2024
18:30 - ca. 20:00
75,00 €  65,00 €
Di. 02.04.2024
18:30 - ca. 20:00
75,00 €  65,00 €
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Unsere Termingarantie für dieses Event: Die Termine für die nächsten Monate sind in Kürze hier buchbar. Ein Gutschein kann für alle kommenden Termine eingelöst werden.

Wine tasting in Munich

  • Welcome to Elisabeth Winter's beautiful wine boutique in the heart of Munich!
  • We offer various evenings with English wine tastings. Most of them will be dedicated to wonderful Italy and its glorious wines. 
  • Pizza and Wine: 13.02.2024
  • Wine and Chocolate: 06.02.2024, 02.04.2024
  • Wine and Sushi: 23.02.2024
  • Wine & Cheese: 27.02.2024
  • The following evenings will be dedicated to wines from Southern Italy at a price of 71 € and including the regions of
    • Campania
    • Calabria
    • Sicily
    • Sardinia
  • Our expert in Italian wines, Corinna Siena, will introduce you to a wide variety of red and white wines.
  • Please note that Corinna will moderate the tasting in either English or Italian. 
  • With Corinna's guidance, you will explore the characteristics of grapes and terroir.
  • All are welcome: newcomers to Italian wines as well as connaisseurs wishing to broaden their expertise.
  • Wine on an empty stomach? Don't worry. We provide hearty snacks of bread, cheese and salami, and mineral water for your refreshment.
Wine tasting Munich – glass of wine by sea at sunset

All you need to know about wine

Born and raised in Sicily, Corinna Siena is an expert on Italian wines, and is here to answer all your questions. She is not only a connaisseur of vintage wines, but also knows how and where they are grown. So this is your chance to learn all about the wine-making culture of Southern Italy. Explore grapes, terroir, vineyards. Compare the great and famous wines – from Nero d'Avola to Trebbiano – to the hand-picked rarities Corinna has selected for this evening.

Although "Southern Italy" may seem to imply a limited choice of wines, bear in mind that Italy has always been a homeland of viticulture, with an unfathomable number of vineyards and an average yearly production of 60 million hectolitres of wine. Other regions, like Tuscany or the Piemont, may be the most renowned when it comes to wine, but the Italian south, including Sicily, has won over the hearts of many wine-lovers. In this exclusive wine-tasting in Munich, Corinna will show you exactly why and how. Learn about autochthone grapes, volcanic earths and the effects of a hot, sunny climate right on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The tasting will be conducted either in English or Italian (please check out the dates). However, Corinna speaks very good German too, and is always ready to switch, so don't be nervous about language barriers. Just sit back, enjoy the atmosphere and allow yourself to be swept away by the rich textures and spectacular notes of South Italian wines. Our guess is that you will go home savouring the taste of at least one exciting discovery and a new favourite.

Weinatelier Elisabeth

Weinatelier Elisabeth

Die Location
Mit Verstand von uns geprüft

Schon beim Eintreten in das Weinatelier Elisabeth fühlt man sich wie ein einer anderen, besseren Welt. Alle Details des ungemein einladenden und charmant eingerichteten Ladens sind aufeinander abgestimmt. Von der im Bayerischen Wald bedruckten Holzverkleidung bis hin zur Keramiklampe. Beste Weine aus ganz Europa mit Schwerpunkt Italien und Österreich werden hier optimal präsentiert.

Elisabeth Winter

Ihr Gastgeber
Mit Herz sorgsam ausgesucht

Weinatelier-Inhaberin Elisabeth ist nicht nur ausgebildete Sommelière, sondern auch charmante Gastgeberin, wie sie im Buche steht. Sie findet für jeden Geschmack und jede Gelegenheit mühelos den passenden Wein.

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  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    Included in this wine tasting in Munich: sample wines, bread, water, selection of cheese and salami. The special events: Pizza and wine will be with pizza slices for the price of 81 Euro.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    Please note that this is an English OR Italian language event. Check dates for details.

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    As a gift to a very special person, our wine tasting in Munich is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about Italian wines and have a lovely evening to boot.

  • Miomente-Business

    Do you need fresh ideas for an inspiring team-time? Then consider booking this Italian wine tasting in Munich as an exclusive group or team event.

65,00 €  75,00 €
zzgl. Versand (inkl. MwSt.)
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- 13% statt 75,00 €
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