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Indian Cooking
Discover India's cuisine - Indian cooking class in Munich

Neetu Suresh

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Indian Cooking Class Munich - Nan und Mezze
Indian Cooking Class Munich - Currys
Indian Cooking Class Munich - indisches Curry
Indian Cooking Class Munich  - Henna Hände
Indian Cooking Class Munich - Gewürzmarkt

Incredible India - land of a million different flavours, spices and ingredients. Discover the secrets of India's cuisine in our Indian cooking class in Munich with our charming chef and also learn about the soothing, stimulating and healing effects of ayurvedic dishes. The cooking class is in English, but as the language of culinary delights is universal, everybody is welcome to join!

Indian Cooking Class Munich

Koch Dich glücklich by My Sportlady GmbH
ca. 04:00 Stunden
8-12 Genießer

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Di. 16.11.2021
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So. 12.12.2021
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So. 06.02.2022
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Mo. 13.06.2022
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Indian cooking class in Munich

  • Get to know the secrets of Indian cuisine with our charming chef and ayurvedic expert.
  • The course is held in English, but the language of culinary delights is universal, so everyone is welcome to join and will be able to follow the instructions.
  • You will get a taste of the various flavours of the subcontinent, because every region in India has its characteristic spices, herbs and unique recipes.
  • You will also find out about the priciples of ayurveda and which ingredient is used for its stimulating or calming, fat-burning and digestive medical effects.
  • Together we shall cook an Indian menu with typical dishes from Kerala to Punjab and afterwards enjoy the rich and fragrant meal together.
Indian Cooking

Incredible India - place of a thousandfold flavours

India - the huge subcontinent provides multi-facetted delights for the taste buds. Cumin, ginger, coriander and other exotic spices inspire the palate and especially vegetarian dishes with lentils, spinach and unusual vegetables like okra are a pleasant surprise for curious gourmets.

In India, food is not only a culinary delight, but also a way to cure the body and the soul: food is always closely linked to the religion and traditional beliefs of each region - therefore the dishes from Kerala, Mumbai, Goa and Jaipur are as different as they are colourful.

In our Indian cooking class in Munich you will give an insight into the ancient vedic knowledge of the soothing and stimulating effects of certain herbs, spices and ingredients and also the most typical dishes from various Indian regions. Find out how to prepare the most popular dishes of the Indian cuisine like tandoori, biryani and vindaloo!

Our Indian chef is going to introduce you to the most delicious Indian recipes, exciting new spices and massalas. After preparing a tasty Indian menu together, you are going to enjoy a savoury, rich and exotic meal and feel as if you were on a short trip to Kashmir.

Koch Dich glücklich by My Sportlady GmbH

Koch Dich glücklich by My Sportlady GmbH

Die Location
Mit Verstand von uns geprüft

Unsere stylische Kochschule liegt mitten im hippen Glockenbachviertel und sorgt mit angenehmem Ambiente und modernster Küchenausstattung für kulinarische Glücksmomente am Herd. 

Neetu Suresh

Ihr Gastgeber
Mit Herz sorgsam ausgesucht

Unsere Köchin Neetu Suresh kommt aus Indien und hat schon in so einigen TV-Shows gekocht. Im Gepäck hat sie leckere traditionelle Gerichte, die Sie gemeinsam mit Ihnen in einem englischsprachigen Kurs kochen wird.

  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    Our Indian cooking class in Munich includes: the Indian menu, the recipes, mineral water, tea and accompanying wines.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    The Indian cookery course is held in basic English - so everybody is welcome to join - the language of culinary delights is universal!

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Are you still looking for a fancy and inventive present? Our Indian cookery course is ideal for curious gourmets and enthusiastic chefs, who are always looking for new inspirations and recipes.

  • Miomente-Business

    Please contact us if you would like to book our Indian cooking as a business event or incentive to prepare your team for a project in India. We'd love to present you with an individual offer.

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