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Bavarian Basics
Bavarian cooking class Munich: for english-speaking gourmets

Veranstalter aus Deutschland & Österreich

Businessveranstalter München

Bavarian cooking class München - apple pie
Bavarian cooking class München - beer and pork
Bavarian cooking class München - dumplings
Bavarian cooking class München - bavarian restaurant
Bavarian cooking class München - beer and hops

I like to be in Bavaria, knoedel for me in Bavaria, food`s so tasty in Bavaria, and the beer`s free in you love Bavarian food and cannot get enough of Schweinebraten, Knoedel and Kraut? Then finally learn how to cook the best recipes from Munich to Nuremberg and come to our English Bavarian cooking class in Munich!

Bavarian Cooking Class Munich

  • Our charming Bavarian chef welcomes you with a sparkling aperitif in our modern cooking school in the heart of Munich.
  • In our cooking class you will learn the very best recipes from Bavaria.
  • Together you are going to cook traditional dishes you find on the menu of every inn from Munich to Nuremberg.
  • Be inspired by our sample menu! We try to use seasonal, fresh and local products, so the menu varies from season to season:
  • MENU 1:
    • A hearty pretzl-soup with chives
    • Homemade roast pork with dark-beer-sauce, hand-made dumplings and fresh coleslaw with bacon
    • Oktoberfest-style apple-pie with vanilla sauce
  • MENU 2:
    • Parsnip soup with nutmeg
    • Duck breast with onion confit and potato dumplings, red cabbage with apple
    • Bavarian Plum cake or traditional cheese cake
  • After cooking, you may then enjoy your freshly cooked Bavarian specialties with a range of wine or beer.
Bavarian Basics

Bavarian Food - even more than Pretzels

From Melbourne to Massachusetts Bavaria is widely associated with the legendary Oktoberfest. Beer steins filled to the rim with foaming golden beer, crispy roast pork and enormous dumplings. The smell in the city is different those days and everyone enjoys the Bavarian way of live - full of delight and indulgence for the good things of life: food and drink! Try our Bavarian Basics at our Bavarian cooking class in Munich!

Have you recently moved to Munich and would you like to indulge in even more Bavarian food? Or would you like to impress friends and family with original Bavarian specialties like sauerkraut, coleslaw and kaiserschmarrn? Then join our Bavarian cooking class and discover the secret of thick and creamy dark beer sauce, the gorgeous crust on your first roast duck and delicious apple strudel.

Our passionate and professional Bavarian chef will introduce you to the secret of the best red cabbage and tastiest "Auszogne" - some kind of sweet, oval doughnuts. Learn to cook the hearty classics you so much enjoyed at the Oktoberfest or at a small rural inn in Oberbayern and discover that Bavarian food must be not unhealthy and high in calories.

Of course we not only focus on lightness in the recipes, but also in the mood. With a lot of "Gaudi" (the Bavarian expression for fun) beginners learn to cook delicious dishes, the most important moves and tricks - so you can impress friends and familiy with your new cooking skills and even surprise genuine Bavarians with a magnificent menu!

Bavarian cooking class Munich

Businessveranstalter München
ca. 04:30 Stunden
This event is not for single persons. Only for groups! We can organize the cooking class from 8 persons upward
ca. 135,00 € pro Person (incl. MwSt.)
Businessveranstalter München

Businessveranstalter München

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Veranstalter aus Deutschland & Österreich

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Ob passionierte Jungwinzerin, routinierter Barkeeper, Profi-Chocolatier, Koch oder Genussexperte für Olivenöl, Käse und Salz: lernen Sie unsere charismatischen und symapthischen Gastgeber für Ihre Firmenfeier oder Ihren Junggesellenabschied näher kennen und freuen Sie sich auf interessante Blicke hinter die Kulissen des Genusshandwerks.

  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    In our Bavarian cooking class in Munich are included: the aperitif, 2 glasses of wine per person or alternatively, beer, water, all the recipes in a nice recipe binder and all the ingredients for the menu.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    For our Bavarian cooking class no cooking experience is needed - beginners and newcomers are as welcome as Münchner Kindl and passionate cooks.

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Give away our Bavarian cooking course to all newcomers or fans of Bavarian cuisine, who have always wanted to conjure up a legendary roast pork.

  • Miomente-Business

    Do you have a special request? Are you looking for an outstanding company event? Then please contact us - we will gladly inspire and support you in organizing your own individual event.

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Bavarian cooking class Munich

Businessveranstalter München
ca. 04:30 Stunden
This event is not for single persons. Only for groups! We can organize the cooking class from 8 persons upward
ca. 135,00 € pro Person (incl. MwSt.)

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