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Cupcake Delight
Discover delicious & healthy recipes in our english cupcake class in Munich

Veranstalter aus Deutschland & Österreich

Businessveranstalter München

Cupcake Class Munich - Rosen Cupcakes
Cupcake Class Munich - Beeren Cupcakes
Cupcake Class Munich - Himbeer Muffins
Cupcake Class Munich - Brioche
Cupcake Class Munich - Himbeer-Herz

Do you love baking? But feel a little like Bridget Jones after devouring another chocolate croissant...? Don`t worry - we will satisfy your desire for delicious sweets! And you will enjoy marvelous cupcakes at our cupcake class in Munich without feeling bad for giving in or running to the gym to spend all the calories you absorbed with one bite. Our cupcake queen Nicole reveals the secret of baking beautiful looking and superbly tasting cupcakes with less fat and sugar.

Cupcake-Class in Munich

  • Baking-queen Nicole will welcome you to our English cupcake class with an aperitif in our modern bakery.
  • We want you to stop worrying about calories and your weight when enjoying cakes, chocolate and sweets:
  • Therefore we will show you delicious healthy recipes with less fat and sugar you can enjoy without a bad conscience but with a lot of taste!
  • Get creative and also learn various piping and decorating techniques to make beautiful and individual cupcakes.
  • You will have 12 different cupcakes to decorate and taste during the baking class.
  • At the end of our class you may take home every cupcake you`ve created including a booklet with all the recipes and useful tips for perfecting your technique.
  • The cupcake course is in English, but Nicole also speaks German - so everyone is welcome to join!
Cupcake Class Munich - Himbeer Muffins

No one can resist!

Everyone just loves cupcakes - those delicious looking, appealing cakes that fit in the palm of a hand. Golden cupcakes with pink strawberry topping or dark chocolate with cinnamon swirl - there is no limit for the imaginative baker. The most beautiful thing about cupcakes is the fun you have with playful and original decorations - and of course the thousand different tastes of the dough and the topping.

Of course buttercream, sugar icing and chocolate flavoured dough are not exactly light and healthy ingredients - so the colourful variety of rasperry buttercream, lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and double choc christmas cakes with coconut icing make your mouth water - but you decide to take only a little bite of, well, which one? The agony of choice adds to the bad conscience!

In our cupcake class in Munich we lift the burden of too many calories and worries about your weight - and show new, healthy (also vegan) recipes to cut down on calories without comprising the taste! You may taste the whole variety we are going to bake in our class  and may relish as many of them as you might possibly eat. We will start with baking fluffy, light as air cupcakes and while the smell of fresh baking fills our kitchen we will show you how to use the piping bag and it`s  different nozzles to do perfect swirls, flowers and gourgeous icing.

Cupcake Class Munich

Businessveranstalter München
ca. 03:30 Stunden
ab 10 Genießern buchbar
ca. 109,00 € pro Person (incl. MwSt.)
Businessveranstalter München

Businessveranstalter München

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Veranstalter aus Deutschland & Österreich

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Ob passionierte Jungwinzerin, routinierter Barkeeper, Profi-Chocolatier, Koch oder Genussexperte für Olivenöl, Käse und Salz: lernen Sie unsere charismatischen und symapthischen Gastgeber für Ihre Firmenfeier oder Ihren Junggesellenabschied näher kennen und freuen Sie sich auf interessante Blicke hinter die Kulissen des Genusshandwerks.

  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    In our English cupcake class in Munich is included: the ingredients, a colourful binder with all the recipes, the aperitif, mineral water, tea and coffee - and all the cupcakes to take home you haven`t already nibbled at in class.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    The cupcake course is held in basic English - so everybody is welcome to join. Participants may use our parking slots directly in front of our cooking school for free.

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Are you still looking for a fancy and inventive present? Our cupcake class is the ideal gift for your girlfriend, every sweet tooth but also any enthusiastic baker, who is looking for new inspirations and recipes.

  • Miomente-Business

    Please contact us if you would like to book our english cupcake class as a business event or incentive. We`d love to present you with an individual offer.

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Cupcake Class Munich

Businessveranstalter München
ca. 03:30 Stunden
ab 10 Genießern buchbar
ca. 109,00 € pro Person (incl. MwSt.)

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