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Exploring wine with fun and style
Wine Tasting Event in Berlin

Ramona Enache-Lorenz

Wine-Location with Style/ The Makery

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Wine Tasting Berlin with style and fun

The eloquent young Romanian Ramona, certified sommelier, would like to take you on a wine journey to the country that is the sixth largest wine producer in Europe: Romania! With a lot of knowledge and even more love, she introduces you to Romanian wine history and grape varieties/tasting and professional wine enjoyment using Romanian grapes! Enjoy an unforgettable wine event in Berlin with charming and entertaining Ramona Enache-Lorenz!


Wine Tasting Berlin

Wine-Location with Style/ The Makery
ca. 02:30 Stunden
8-14 Wine-Enthusiasts

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Unsere Termingarantie: Wir sorgen gerade für neue Termine für dieses Event - sie sind in Kürze hier buchbar. Mit einem Gutschein können sie später aus allen Terminen flexibel auswählen.

Wine Tasting in Berlin – Discover the hidden pleasures of romanian grapes

  • Your hostess Ramona will give you a warm welcome in one of her changing, lovingly selected, stylish locations.  
  • Today you will experience the basics of wine tasting and cheese paired with each wine.
  • But this wine tasting is not an ordinary one, because Ramona would like to introduce you to the great world of Romanian wines. 
  • Despite Romania being the 6th largest wine-producer in Europe, hardly anyone knows the wonderful romanian wines. 
  • Today we would like to adjust your view of the wine world a bit and Ramona introduces you to the fascinating grape universe she grew up.
  • You will taste 6 different Romanian wines today and discover 4 Romanian grape varieties.
  • Based on the wines, you will learn the basics of wine tasting. 
  • In addition, we have prepared a small cheese wine pairing, so that enjoyment will remain the most important topic. 
  • In the course of the evening you will get to know a wealth of new tastes that will shape your personal taste in wine.
  • Have a wonderful wine-tasting event with Ramona and discover the hidden pleasure of Romanian grapes! 
Wine Tasting Berlin exploring the best wine regions

Unique wine tasting in Berlin

Experience a wine tasting in Berlin with Ramona that combines everything we expect from a special wine event. There are good wines, all of which, we promise, are a discovery, as they come from a region - Romania - that even experienced wine-drinkers know little about. A beautiful location in Prenzlauerberg that is prepared by Ramona with a lot of style and a sense of atmosphere.

A small food-wine pairing based on a cheese platter, which will reveal the taste nuances of the wine even more clearly. And a great, charming wine-expert, who has already designed her own wine-related products and is happy to share her experiences with you.

This Event is perfect for wine beginners as well as more experienced connoisseurs. The Event is hold in English, but Ramona speaks also perfect german. 


Wine-Location with Style/ The Makery

Wine-Location with Style/ The Makery

Die Location
Mit Verstand von uns geprüft

Ramona invites to her wine events in handpicked locations in Berlin. With candelabras and beautifully set tables, you can really enjoy yourself there.

Ramona Enache-Lorenz

Ihr Gastgeber
Mit Herz sorgsam ausgesucht

Ramona is a wine-loving young sommelière that is rare to find. Besides having designed her own wine glasses for picnic under the Label Pointer, she is also trying to make Romanian wines better known with her stylish, entertaining wine events. With heart and verve, she introduces wine lovers to the world of conscious enjoyment.

  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    Included in our wine tasting in Berlin: the tasting of 6 wines - 4 Romanian grapes (local varieties) and a cheese pairing + fruit + olives + crackers and 1 extra pour of your favourite wine at the end of the tasting.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    Our Wine-Tasting in Berlin is held in English, but Ramona also speaks fluent german.

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Present your beloved ones with this unique wine-experience.

  • Miomente-Business

    If you want to experience a wonderful wine-event in Berlin in English, contact us.

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